Chronic Warrior


I had this strong urge to post something positive today. I think because there’s this constant uncertainty with chronic illness that we deal with daily.

The focus is getting through each day as gracefully and pain-free as possible.

We are all amazingly resilient and we each find our own ways of coping with whatever stressors life throws our way. Yet there’s always that unsolicited advice we get from people and even judgement from others.

But please don’t forget you are. You’ve lived through unimaginable pain, spoonless days, loneliness and moments of defeat. But you know what? You’re still here.

You are a warrior!

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  1. jesusluvsall says:

    I have lived with chronic pain from chronic illness for over 25 years. This morning I was sharing with a fellow teacher about my knee that is painful and needing a knee replacement surgery. I told her the pain in my knee is a 5 or 6 out of ten each day but that I am waiting to have the surgery until the end of the school year. She expressed concern that I should not have to live with that pain for so long. I told her I have lived with pain for over 25 years, so waiting 8 months for a surgery is nothing.

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    1. Bex says:

      It’s amazing how long and how much pain we learn to live with. We develop such a high pain tolerance. Best wishes for your surgery and I hope you have an easy and smooth recovery.

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      1. jesusluvsall says:

        Thank you. The surgery won’t be soon. I am waiting for COVID to not be an issue


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