My name is Rebekah. Most of my friends know me as Bex. I am a global luxury travel expert, travel photographer and marketing professional. I am also a former musical theatrical performer. I was a professional vocalist, dancer and a gymnast as a child, loved and known for my high kicks as a dancer and beautiful arches!

I used to run full force all the time. Six to eight shows a day but then I would get knocked down pretty hard once in a while with these injuries and pain. Everyone, including myself, thought I was a clutz. Little did I know it was all related to my hypermobility and so much more.

These are my stories, my journeys, my tests, my photos, my thoughts, my trials, my heartbreaks, my celebrations and my continued successes as we work with my specialists, surgeons and therapists to find answers and better ways of management.

Please share this journey with me.

Tell Me About Your Chronic Journey!