Do Not Give Up the Fight!

I go to bed in pain. I wake up in pain. I try my hardest not to take the pain meds. They don’t seem to do anything but add to the constant brain fog and chaos in my mind.

How did this happen to me? Why did this happen to me? How is it one’s life can change so drastically, seemingly, overnight?

Most days, I try to remain positive. I trust, I know my doctors are working hard to help me. But today is a bad day. The headaches, neck and back pain are at their worst and I can’t utter a word without stuttering. I hate Chiari and EDS! They robbed me of the woman I once was!

I miss that woman. But I am holding on to faith that she will return. You see, I may be down today but I cling to what I can still remember. I look at photos of all my past adventures and try to recount all the wonderful things I have done. But mostly. I look at my family and friends. All those who are rooting for me. Those who been there for me, never failing to let me know how much they love and support me.

That’s what I want all my fellow Zebras to remember. When you’re having a rough day, your worst flare, or just a frustrating day after seeing your doctor. Remember who you are, all that you’ve done and all that you will still do. It may not be the same way but you WILL do more.

This disease does not define me nor you. We are warriors! And we will continue to fight for a cure!

I am Becky, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, zebra and chronic illness warrior!


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