My New Journey

When I first started this journey, it was what I thought was just one little old diagnosis. It was a rather long, twisted and bumpy ride full of lots of stops and well…. just complete breakdowns, to be completely honest, before the destination was reached.  First, there was Dysautonomia and PoTS. Then hEDS and MALS….

Quote of the Week

My apologies for my lengthy absence. I have much explaining to do. For now, I will begin with a quote of the week.

My Reflections of 2021

Describing this year would be an interesting challenge as there have been so many high and low moments throughout 2021. There have been extremely joyous and happy moments and there have been extremely sad and low ones, too.   This is a pivotal point in the year as we embark on closing the chapter to 2021 and…

Quote of the Week

Having yet another nerve block done tomorrow and crossing my fingers that it helps. However they have not usually done much for me in the past and even when they do, not for long. Now, I have recently learned of PRP therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. A regenerative medicine. This is supposed to be…

Chiari Malformation Awareness Month

Yesterday I started Neuro Rehab. Three hours a day dedicated to learning to manage these leftover symptoms. How fitting is it that I started on the first day of Chiari Awareness Month and that it also falls on the same month as my birthday? So, now it’s Chiari Malformation Awareness Month. That special time of…

My Chiari Surgery Recovery and CBD Pain Relief

As many of you know, it’s been about 7 weeks since my brain surgery. My headaches are mostly gone but I’ve still been experiencing a great deal of shoulder pain and neck pain (mostly in the front). Yes, I have painkillers and muscle relaxers but here’s the thing, I don’t like taking them. 1. They…

Chiari Decompression Recovery

Hello all you beautiful warriors! I apologize for my disappearance for the past few weeks but I am finally lucid enough to do a little writing. I am two weeks post-op and now at the point that I do not need my pain pills every four hours. It’s more like every 6 to 8 hours….

Two Weeks ‘Til Decompression

So today marks two weeks until my surgery and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I spent the entire day Monday engrossed with MRSA screenings and pre-op tests, not to mention my mind racing with thoughts of “Am I doing the right thing?”, “Will this help me?”, “How much will it help…

My Chronic Illness Christmas List

Today’s post is a short one. But with Christmas upon us, I figured no better time than now to put together my wish list for chronic illness. The only thing I should probably add is peace on earth, of course. Have a very Happy Holiday!