My Chiari Surgery Recovery and CBD Pain Relief

As many of you know, it’s been about 7 weeks since my brain surgery. My headaches are mostly gone but I’ve still been experiencing a great deal of shoulder pain and neck pain (mostly in the front). Yes, I have painkillers and muscle relaxers but here’s the thing, I don’t like taking them. 1. They make me even more tired. 2. They cause my blood pressure to drop even more. 3. They don’t really get rid of the pain.

So a few weeks ago, I started using my favorite pain management solution PainPass. Now if you haven’t seen my previous posts, this is THE bomb! It not only relieves muscle and joint pain but it instantly relieves nerve pain. So, I started using it on the front of my neck and shoulders when the pain pills were just not doing the job and guess what? PainPass did what opioids could not do for me. What?!?!

PainPass CBD Cream

I promise you. I am not exaggerating. Instant relief and relaxation. The best part is that there is no odor, no burning, no cooling and a little goes a long way.

It’s doctor designed and patient approved. And they now have a new product that I’ve had the good fortune of being one of the first to try: the CBD Roll-On. Just like the other PainPass products, it spreads so well, smooth and evenly, Then I just massaged it in and instantly felt the relief. This was not just a topical pain relief either. I could feel it deep down in my muscles and joints, even my nerves. I was able to fully relax and rest.

I am so proud to be involved with PainPass and seeing how these products are helping people. Check for discounts below so they can help you.

Right now, my followers can get a special discount of 15% off any PainPass product by going to and using the code BECKYQUERRY.


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